Meet the second confirmed interstellar object to enter our solar system

Image Credit: Gemini Observatory/NSF/AURA Share Even at 4.6 billion years old, our solar system still has its fair share of baby photos. We know them as comets: bundles of ice, rock, and dust that ... read more

The Army's tanks will soon get a new system to protect them from incoming enemy missiles

The Army is looking for ways to protect tanks and armored vehicles from anti-armor missile threats from potential adversaries like Russia and China. read more

Interstellar comet just like ones from our solar system – astronomers

A handout photo made available by the Gemini Observatory shows the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov. Photograph: Gemini Observatory/NSF/Aura/EPA The first interstellar comet to be tracked by astronomers ... read more

Ask An Expert | How does the Puget Sound transit system compare to other cities across the U.S.?

Seattle Times editors and reporters operate independently of our funders and maintain editorial control over Traffic Lab content. The region’s transit system — and efforts to improve it — are a mixed ... read more

Column: America’s healthcare system is failing because competition is disappearing

The two major afflictions besetting the U.S. healthcare system are that its prices are too high, and that although big spending should give us better quality of care, it doesn’t. These two conditions ... read more

Howard library system programs seek to help veterans cope with PTSD and share their military experiences

Co-sponsored by the Institute of Integrative Health in Baltimore, the workshop is the fourth in a yearlong series of veterans’ initiatives organized by the Howard County Library System. Since there ... read more

Steve Pemberton ends Senate primary challenge against Ed Markey, critiques campaign finance system

Ed Markey. Pemberton, a New Bedford Democrat and motivational speaker who wrote a memoir about growing up in foster care, cited fundraising challenges and blasted a campaign finance system that ... read more

Comet from another Solar System looks a lot like our own

Interactions among the small bodies of our Solar System are expected to hurl small objects out into interstellar space with some regularity, and the frequency was probably much higher early in its ... read more

Fears rise in benefits system automation could plunge claimants deeper into poverty

Photograph: Kirsty O’Connor/PA The UK government is accelerating the development of robots in the benefits system in a digitisation drive that vulnerable claimants fear could plunge them further into ... read more

New York Fed Adds $82.7 Billion To Financial System in Latest Repo Transaction

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York added $82.7 billion to the financial system Friday, using the market for repurchase agreements, or repo, to relieve funding pressure in money markets. Banks asked ... read more

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